The Municipal Group was born in 1959 together with the five ‘Rioni’ and therefore represents the sixth entity of the Palio del Niballo. As external body, the Municipal Group aggregates people wishing to carry out activities during the event without belonging to a real District. It therefore appears as an association of support and stimulation for the activities of Niballo.

The Municipal Group is responsible for the opening the historical parade in the days of the Palio and Bigorda, bringing together all the roles overseeing the smooth running of the competition, among which we there are two main figures: the Master of the Field and the Ride Tournament Podestà. The Master of the Field supervises the Historical Parade: he has in fact the faculty of intervention to ensure compliance with the regulatory provisions. The Ride Tournament Podestà is instead the monocratic judging organ, with irrevocable decisions in the race of the tournament.