Emblem: Three points white mount, with three golden stars

Area: Among the south side of Emilia Ponente route – Oberdan street, Mazzini avenue, Matteotti avenue and Florence street

Headquarter: Cavour st., 37

Head of the District: Mario Reggidori

Email: info@rioneverde.net

Website: www.rioneverde.it

Mario Reggidori, caporione Verde

Rione Verde is the district of Porta Montanara and it is not surprising that in its emblem there are three hills – recalling the connection with the Apennines – surmounted by three six-pointed stars – which recall the Ghibelline part in Romagna. Ancient documents attest the presence of the emperor’s supporters in this area of ​​Faenza and, despite the dominion of the Guelphs of Manfredi, many families of the Green stand out among the most illustrious of the city, which we also find in the historical parade of the Rione: Barbavara, Laderchi , Sali, Rondinini and Severoli. In the south of Mazzini avenue once stood the ‘Rocca’, the only fortress in defense of the city, located in the area of ​​the current civil hospital. The Fortress, built in 1371, was equipped with a large moat fed by the canal that descended from the hills, and remained standing until the eighteenth century, when it was partly dismantled. The figurants of the Rione Verde, with the castellan, the captain of the fortress and the armed, recall the presence of this important fortification.


The current headquarters of the district is located in one of the oldest architectural nucleuses of Faenza, a complex housing since 700 AD a Benedictine monastery that stayed active until the Napoleonic suppression. Recently restored and enlarged, the headquarters of the Verde is now articulated on several levels and the presence of a multi-purpose accommodation facility. In the headquarters of Cavour street, in addition to the coffeeshop of the club, there is the Historical Group (Flag-wavers, Drummers and Chiarine trumpets). During the summer the athletes and musician are called to perform in different Italian and foreign locations: in Portugal, France, England, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary, but also in Texas and Australia.



One of the most important events for all the locals is the participation in the organization of the very popular San Rocco Fair, held in the streets of the Rione Verde on the first Sunday of November. The Fair gathers thousands of people in the historical center with the presence of medieval banquets, typical and seasonal products, street market, spaces for children, exhibitions and guided tours. During the weeks of the Palio the district is famous for its “Crazy ride of chariots”, a goliardic run in costume.