A tradition that renews itself

A journey through history accompanied by knights, ladies, musicians and steeds. Five districts compete to win the Palio, the most coveted trophy. And then exciting flag races, framed by one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. And again: evocative propitiatory dinners, historical re-enactments, food stands and parties throughout the month of the competition. All this is the Niballo – Palio di Faenza.

Since 1959 the Niballo Palio of Faenza has taken place on the fourth Sunday of June and represents much more than a simple race: it is the constant renewal of a tradition that has its roots in medieval and Renaissance Faenza and which still today never ceases to excite with its colours, its music, its exciting challenges.

ward leaders, men of the procession, be worthy of your colors and the beauty of your ladies. Let’s go to the field to compete in the joust!”, with these words the Field Master starts the varied historical procession that will bring the knights of the five districts to compete at the Bruno Neri stadium.


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Photographic Archive

Images of the event from 1959 to today:
A precious tool available to all Palio enthusiasts.

The figure
of the Palio

Artistic photography project that creates the representation of portraits of some of the most significant historical figures of the Niballo Historical Procession.

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The Podcast of the Niballo Palio of Faenza

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